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Moriarty: I Gave You My Number, I Thought You Might Call.

I was watching Sherlock (BBC Series) S01E03, and finally! saw Andrew Scott! When he introduced himself as Moriary, I found him insanely, insaaanely [sic] hot! Whooo! Two seconds. I need to cool off.

Whew, there. I think I'm sane enough to continue. Okay. He first appeared as Jim from IT, and I was just whatever about him that time. Here:

The man in the grey V. He undercovered as gay Jim from IT and subtly gave Sherlock his number.

And after he transformed to Jim Moriarty, Sherlock's other arch-enemy, seriously, I was weak at my knees! And that's one helluva transformation there, wasn't it?
The pool scene in Season 1 Episode 3 entitled "The Great Game".

The suit. The stubble. Those big eyes. Man, those eyes! Well, I guess he's my new villain crush (the other one's Cheyenne Jackson's character in Glee). Or new crush, for that matter. I'm looking forward to more Moriarty hotness explosion in Sherlock. Just can't get enough, can I? I need to finish Season 2 Episode 2 before Friday cos we'll be connecting that to our Philo's discussion about epistemology. 

 Of course, what are we to do bout this new-found infatuation? This is so highschool. What, you gonna sue me?! Ha ha! We Google him, that's what!

God, he looks good with those stubble. I really have a thing for dark-haired men who can pull off a-day-or-two-old facial hair. Nope, no Neanderthals. I can't handle THAT long and thick of a [hair] do.

Yes, I updated this just for putting up a freakin' worship wall for a crush. Ha ha! I'm pathetic. Ciao!
6:18PM Feb 22, 2012

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